The Real Estate Value Chain - The Ecosystem Beyond the Realtor

When you think of a Real Estate Transaction, chances are words like buying, selling, acquiring, disposing and leasing are what come to mind. What you may not automatically associate are words like renovating, borrowing, marketing, appraising, etc. These vitally important concepts extend far beyond the Real Estate Transaction in and of itself yet we’ve found that they are all too frequently lost in the shuffle when clients are deciding to buy or sell a property.  


Before The Deal

If you are planning on buying a property, you must fully grasp the importance of having your finances in order prior to the transaction taking place. It is highly recommended that you stay up to date on The Bank of Canada’s interest rates as they will directly impact any financing you may be needing for the transaction. Many buyers aren’t aware that The Bank of Canada releases interest rate updates on a monthly basis and major banks tend to follow suit - sometimes raising or dropping mortgage rates a few days later. Mortgage rules, like stress tests, amortization periods, and minimum down payment requirements are also constantly changing, again having an effect on your financing options. We know that this may seem intimidating which is why it is absolutely imperative to find a mortgage specialist that is very well-versed and up-to-date with all of these factors and more.


Buyers aren’t the only ones on the hook for crucial pre-sale work. Preparing your property for market will often require the coordination of a team of professionals – painters, contractors, stagers, photographers, videographers, printers and media buyers just to name a few. If you are thinking about listing a property, we recommend choosing a seasoned team of professionals who know how to execute quality work in a timely manner. Make sure you do your research to find professionals who are highly specialized in their respective fields, this will help to ensure your home receives the highest marketability (and sale price) possible.

During the Deal

We understand that whether you are buying or selling, the transaction period can be highly stressful. Bidding on a property with a dozen offers can feel intimidating and selling a property that hasn’t had any offers for over a month can feel defeating. These are the realities of the present day marketplace and navigating through it strategically is highly dependent on having experience and sound reputation. Ensure you choose an agent with a reputable brand and who has gained respect from clients and peers alike. Privileged intelligence, honesty and transparency during negotiations, and mutual confidence are elements that are exchanged amongst top tier real estate professionals and choosing one to represent you will no doubt ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible.


After the Deal

Sorry to disappoint but just because the deal is done, doesn’t mean the work is. After finalizing the deal, your next step will be to retain a highly knowledgeable real estate lawyer. They will assist you and help you to understand matters such as the title system and the disbursement of funds. Breaking down the process and taking all the necessary legal steps to protect your rights (both present and future) will be of tremendous value to you. Beyond the legalities, preparing for a move or even simply taking possession of an investment property requires preparation and diligence. When should you book movers? What do you do with your utility accounts? The list of potentially daunting questions goes on, but with the right team and the help of present day technology the process has become much more seamless than before.  


It's important to remember that the realtor you hire is an extension of your property.  The network of connections that your realtor brings to their business is an extension of them. The entire value chain operates with one holistic approach focused on achieving the specific and defined goals of the client. All of the respective professionals and their ability to execute is what truly separates realtors who add genuine value by providing a complete end-to-end team of distilled professionals from those who simply process a transaction.  You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Alex Nisenker