160 Borden Street St. Toronto, ON, Canada


Moments in modern living.

We love everything about this house. How you're captured by details. All the little things that become so big. You can feel immediately that this home was built with love. And surely with the hope that whoever lives here will feel it, also. This is what modern life has taught us: that far from being overlooked, it's the small details, and the precious moments that really mean everything. 


160 Borden Street

Serene, monochromatic tones with finishes of a slightly surreal quality accent the delicacy of 160 Borden's interior design. This revitalized semi-detached modernistic dwelling located in the vibrant Harbord Village neighbourhood is grounded in luxury, with bright and airy living areas allowing the mood of the interior to change with the movement of the sun. True to it's original foundation this home combines a striking palette of exposed brick, wood, glass and metal, finished with next-level kitchen appliances, marble island and a private backyard escape.